03 Apr The Start-Up Drinks Lab – The FOAL Chronicles #8

The Start-Up Drinks Lab


This blog sways slightly from core FOAL business, but still super exciting!

So, hopefully most of you will have seen the exciting news that FOAL is working with ‘Tongue in Peat’ mixers. We will establish a small scale manufacturing facility in Scotland. If this is new information to you, you can check out a bit about it here.


FOAL benefits

I’m really excited about this new project! While it’s still a while away (plans to launch in Summer 2017) and we are very much at the early stages of getting the business started, there is no doubt that The Drinks Lab will be of huge benefit to FOAL.

Not only will it allow us to bottle FOAL in-house, saving money on production and logistics, but it will also allow us to service and meet a variety of new businesses. As I’ve mentioned before, I really believe collaboration is invaluable to business growth and development.  By creating an innovative space it can only be of benefit to the users of The Start-Up Drinks Lab.


The Offering

So you may be wondering what else The Drinks Lab will offer. We will provide four main services once up and running:

Start Up Drinks Lab


Each of these will enable small, innovative soft drinks producers to turn their ideas into reality without having to forego every penny they have saved. And all of this will be available under one roof!

All of the products will also be ‘Made in Scotland’, meaning that each of the member businesses will have an even greater draw from an international point of view – opening doors to future export.

With the support of Scottish Enterprise and their generous prize of £10,000 we hope to open our doors around September 2017. Needless to say we are all super excited about what the rest of 2017 has to offer!

Any questions, give us a wee message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Much love,


Drinks Lab

Start Up Drinks Lab

Start-Up Drinks Lab

Start Up Drinks Lab

Start-Up Drinks Lab

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