Rise of the Craft Soda

08 Jan Rise of the Craft Soda

The contents of the fridges in your local cafes and shops is about to dramatically change. Soon the old, familiar and bland looking assortment of corporate soft drinks are going to be things of the past. Behind the glass, at a constant chill, you will soon be looking upon bottles of every shape and size, colours other than blue or red, and even at flavours that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Star Wars film. You are living at exactly the right time to witness the rise of the craft soda.

This new and exciting development is the evolutionary leap that’s here to shake up the soft drinks jungle. At just the right time, all of the ingredients are coming together. Technology; that puts the power to mix and bottle into the hands of the average person. Social media; which goes some way to level the playing field between corporate goliaths and the spirited start-up ‘Davids’ of the world. And finally; spirit. Spirit of experimentation, spirit of trying something new, spirit of dissatisfaction with the same sterile, faceless brands. And most importantly, spirit of personalisation; where you don’t need to settle, where the drink that hits the spot for you will be created.

Part of FOAL’s vision is to fill a dire need in the market. More people today are choosing not to drink alcohol; more people are choosing better health over having a beer; and more people simply don’t have the option due to domestic laws. Consumers at bars and restaurants are left with few real options or points of difference when it comes to soft drinks. FOAL is crafted to provide great bar favourites in a ready to drink, low calorie, reduced sugar form, so non-drinkers won’t be left in the cold. What’s great about the growth of FOAL and craft soda is that it’s fantastic for the consumer, who will reap the benefits of more choice.

The birth of the craft soda phenomenon is twinned with the massive growth of craft beer. A key aspect that is shared between brewers is the way they go about their craft. A consistent passionate interest in the flavours, ingredients, what their brand is about and the people who drink it. Even the biggest craft brewers, such as Brewdog, who can be found anywhere, are still in essence two people who are very excited and interested in beer. For them, brewing is essentially a hobby run amok.

That’s where the energy of the FOAL brand comes from; individuals who want to make the best drinks they can, because they can. It comes from a way of business that revolves around giving to our customers and adding flavour to a marketplace which desperately needs it. FOAL are the grass roots and have come to disrupt the ‘established’ brands to let people try something exciting, fun and different. It’s clear that craft soda is here to stay and nobody does it better than FOAL.

Scottish Craft Soda, FOAL

– The Dark Horse

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