03 May New Flavours – The FOAL Chronicles #10

New Flavours


As I sit here on a glorious Edinburgh day in Princes Street Gardens, I thought I would take a bit of time out to write about the launch of our new flavours (and enjoy the sun!).

Princes St Gardens in the Sun

Princes St Gardens in the Sun

So, hopefully you will all have seen some of our social media posts introducing our new flavours to you all. I’ve given a wee bit of background and more information about each below.


Glorious Ginger Beer & Lime


New Flavours - Glorious Ginger Beer & Lime

Glorious Ginger Beer & Lime

So, I’ve always loved a ginger beer and lime when out for dinner so it was a no-brainer when our market research suggested it could be a winner.

This one is actually my favourite (don’t tell the others). It has a great combination of fiery ginger with a good kick, combined with the bitterness of lime it leaves a really great refreshing taste. While there are many good ginger beers on the market, most of these have ridiculous amounts of sugar which isn’t so good for the teeth. Our Ginger Beer & Lime comes with sugar below the sugar tax threshold (and less than one third of Old Jamaica, for example) and at only 53 calories you really should get one in your belly!


Sensational Strawberry & Lime


New Flavours - Glorious Ginger Beer & LimeSensational Strawberry and Lime

Sensational Strawberry and Lime

Inspired by the popularity of various strawberry and lime ciders, our soft version is sweet, tangy and refreshing all at once.

Similar to Ginger Beer and Lime, Sensational Strawberry comes at only 53 calories and, again, with a lot less sugar than most traditional fizzy drinks. Nothing similar really exists in the market just now, so if you love strawberries you really should give this one a try. I’m sure you will love it!


Brilliant Blackcurrant Lemonade


New Flavours - Glorious Ginger Beer & LimeBrilliant Blackcurrant Lemonade

Brilliant Blackcurrant Lemonade

Finally, Brilliant Blackcurrant Lemonade. This was a surprise entry following our market research. I had honestly expected something a little more mainstream (like elderflower) to take the third slot, but am delighted to give Blackcurrant Lemonade the nod.

I reckon this bottle could be the best looking with its dark and mysterious feel. It’s also the least calorific in our range, coming in at only 52 calories. I love the taste on its own, but if you are looking for a new mixer for your vodka then this one could be the winner.


Hopefully original Fantastic Orange and Lemonade doesn’t feel too left out having not had their makeover quite yet…

New Flavours - Glorious Ginger Beer & LimeAll of the flavours

All of the flavours


We’ll be pushing the new flavours out to all of our stockists, old and new, over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled! Please share a wee photo of your favourite on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Much love,


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