19 Mar Last month’s highlights – The FOAL Chronicles #7

Last month’s highlights


Ok, so it’s been over a month since my last blog – apologies. Far from ideal, but I do (sort of) have an excuse…and some advice as a result. I’ve also summarised some of last month’s highlights.

So the FOAL website has now made the transition across to foaldrinks.com from foal.scot. Being a non-IT expert, I thought this would be an easy task (not untrue to the more IT-savvy). So I gave it a bash myself. Cue the website being offline for around a week and me frantically scrambling around to try and fix my poorly executed re-direct. Luckily one of my kind and talented colleagues stepped up and sorted it out for me. The advice? Leave it to the experts…

So what’s been happening in the last month?


  1. Scottish EDGE

Applications have been submitted to Scottish EDGE for both FOAL and a new collaborative project. If successful in getting funding, it would make a huge difference to both businesses. This would allow us to continue to accelerate and let our awesome craft soda reach even more people! Fingers crossed.


  1. New stockists

We’ve had even more great support over the last month, with several new stockists coming on board. If you’re out and about near any of these, make sure to pop in and try some:

And of course keep an eye on our interactive map which is continually updated to keep you informed of most of our fantastic stockist locations.


  1. New flavours

We are ALMOST there with several awesome new flavours!!! And are super excited about it. While there are still a few final tweaks to make, we are confident you will be able to enjoy these great new tastes within the next month or so. Keep your eye on social media for details of your new favourite, low calorie, small batch craft sodas.

  1. New bottler

Not only are we launching new flavours, but we are also starting to work with a new bottler. This will allow us to bring you FOAL with greater efficiently, superb quality and the same great taste. We are really looking forward to working with our new partner and to bring you FOAL in the best way possible.


  1. New project

As hinted above, FOAL is involved in a really exciting additional project. This will not only compliment the soft drinks business, but also bring you better quality, transparency and innovation closer to home. Keep an eye on all social channels this week for more information!


So a really exciting month, with much more to come in March and April. I can’t wait! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for updates!

Much love,


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