FOAL- 2018, The Year for Craft Soda

05 Feb FOAL- 2018, The Year for Craft Soda

2018 has been a busy year for FOAL so far, recently FOAL expanded to add me (Sam) to their team. And in the month of January, we have been working tirelessly to increase the reach of FOAL’s delicious craft soda.

We started the month off by making the rounds around Glasgow, FOAL’s home city. Starting off in Finnieston, we slowly worked our way over to the West End, café by café. This was my first sales day with FOAL and Craig showed me the ropes. After much negotiation, we secured more cafes that would give FOAL the foothold to bring the low calorie, reduced sugar goodness to Glasgow. After a successful day of selling we called it a day, satisfied.

The next week I set off to bring the good news of FOAL to Shawlands. The snow was coming down and meant conditions were treacherous, but nothing could stop FOAL drinks. Through the snow and the ice, the message of our craft soda had to reach the public, so in the unforgiving cold, I continued on. Having never been to Shawlands before then, I must say it is a pretty cool place, lots of great little cafes. One of the great parts about working for FOAL is visiting places you would normally pass by or overlook, it’s fantastic discovering the hidden gems of towns and cities.

Our greatest achievement of January was when FOAL was exhibited at the 2018 Scottish Speciality Food Show. Producers, buyers and free samplers from all over the world come to visit this show and find excellent products on offer. This was a time for FOAL’s quality to shine. FOAL’s first task came in the DIY stage of the show, where Craig set up our stall, or ‘stables’. Needless to say, if there was a comedy section we would have failed. With our stall set up and the addition of decoration, FOAL was ready to roll.


On the Sunday, we quickly got to know our neighbours. A former army chocolatier who had made chocolates for the royal family was set up to our left. A gin bar from Dundee was behind us, and to the right of us was an Ice Cream parlour, giving out free tubs. It was obvious that a lucrative free sample trade was about to flourish. Alliances would be made, friendships forged, and calories piled on. Thankfully FOAL craft soda is low calorie, so the impact of this over-indulgence was reduced.

The trade show was an amazing opportunity for us to meet members of the public and buyers, we were incredibly thankful for all the feedback we got from those attending. On the Wednesday of the show, we packed up the FOAL stand and said goodbye to our neighbours. January has been a very productive month for FOAL and we intend to keep that progress going during the rest of 2018.

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