25 Jan 5 insights 2017 has already provided – The FOAL Chronicles #5

5 insights 2017 has already provided


A short blog this evening outlining some of the insights both FOAL and I personally have taken from 2017 so far:

  1. On your own isn’t always better

Already this year I’ve been working with a number of businesses and individuals who have given great advice, insights and thoughts which have either already helped FOAL, or will help in the future. It’s definitely not easy to go it alone…and certainly sensible to collaborate where you can.

  1. Hard work pays off

 While recently pitching for an exciting project I spent a substantial about of time preparing and perfecting. While this made me slightly anxious about the time commitment away from core business, it appears to have paid off. The old cliché really is true.

  1. January slimming is a real thing!

 You may think that everyone dieting and saving cash in January is merely a popular myth, however, I’m here to dispel that! Many of our stockists are feeling the squeeze in January as fewer people are eating out, avoiding lunchtime spending and steering clear of alcohol. At least people adhering to Dry January are giving softies a chance!

  1. Manufacturing in Scotland is awesome!

Having attended the Royal Bank of Scotland and SMAS Manufacturing Conference through at RBS Gogarburn this week, my eyes were opened as to how great Scottish manufacturing really is. From awesomely designed eco-pods , to powerhouse bus manufacturers , and everything in between. I want to be a part of it…

  1. Entrepreneuring is great

As the end of my first six months in the Entrepreneurial Spark come to an end, we had our Entrepreneuring Awards . FOAL didn’t pick up any gongs this time around, but it was a great night celebrating the successes of some of my peers. I thoroughly look forward to seeing their progress – both those staying in the programme and those ‘flying the nest’.

I can’t quite believe we’re almost turning onto month two of 2017, but it has been fun so far! On Burn’s night as we toast the big chap, hopefully the Bard’s words ring true this year – “There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing”.

Much love,


RBS SMAS event - great insights   Robert Burns - Bard insights

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