Back the #darkhorse

Join us – a Scottish brand with a Scottish attitude – in bringing the flavours of fantastic orange and lemonade to the ready to drink soft drink market. From an idea in a flat in the City of Glasgow to a finished product; it has been a long journey.

But we now have FOAL in a bottle and couldn’t be any more proud. We hope you enjoy drinking Fantastic Orange and Lemonade as much as we have producing it.


Join the Revolution and support young and growing local business!

Our drink is hand crafted here in the UK. From mixing the ingredients to sticking the labels to the bottles, everything is performed by hand. Each bottle contains only 80 calories and is allergen-free, so you can enjoy the flavour without the guilt and without the worry. Find us in your local eateries and restaurants.

The FOAL Story

FOAL was born from an idea, or a lightbulb moment, in a flat in the City of Glasgow.

One of the favourite non-alcoholic drinks throughout the UK has always been fresh orange and lemonade. However, with such a tipple comes the problem of having to buy two separate drinks and mix these – there is no ready to drink, convenient alternative.


Hence came the lightbulb moment – bring a new soft drink to the market offering the well-loved flavour of fresh orange and lemonade. From the spark of an idea, FOAL was born.


Two years on from the initial idea, with the help of carefully selected UK-based partners, FOAL was brought to the market in March 2016. Now it’s available to enjoy guilt-free (at only 80 calories per bottle) with your favourite lunch or dinner meal, or to be used as a refreshing drinks mixer while dancing the night away.


FOAL aims to retain its key Scottish values and prides itself on being a Scottish Brand with a Scottish Attitude. FOAL is a very proud, determined and honest brand. We may be the underdog, but we are certainly not afraid to stand up and fight for our place in the market. FOAL may be a bairn at this point, but it plans to grow into a Stallion and relishes the challenging prospect of its underdog status (sound familiar, sports fans?).


Although Fantastic Orange and Lemonade is still a relative hatchling, a Revolution is Starting. Stockists are starting to pop up across Scotland, so whenever you see the little black silhouette, back the #darkhorse, try a fantastic new soft drink and support young, brave new business!


Our drinks

FOAL – Fantastic Orange and Lemonade


The first, and original, flavour in our range was inspired by the old bar favourite of fresh orange and lemonade. The drink is lovingly hand-made and sweetened using only fruit juices and natural sweeteners.


With a light carbonation, fantastic orange and lemonade brings a refreshing and fruity taste that’s just 80 calories per bottle! 

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Please let us know if you are interested in backing the #darkhorse and ordering some bottles of FOAL! Any feedback on our product, brand or website is also gratefully received.