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Back the #darkhorse

Launched in Glasgow in 2016, FOAL Drinks is  a range of four refreshingly awesome flavours for you to enjoy. All are low calories, reduced sugar and sweetened only from natural sources. Try our Scottish craft soda today and support the wee guys!

Our range was originally inspired by old bar favourites: those combinations you love to order in your local bar or restaurant, but can’t traditionally find ready to drink in the fridge.

And even better than than, our flavours all come with low calories and reduced sugar – so you can enjoy, even if you’re on a diet!

All of our drinks are carefully hand crafted and by being made in small batches, we are proud that you’ll find a uniqueness to each one. Craft soda is certainly growing and we are delighted to be pioneering with and helping the wave of awesome small businesses trying to do things a little differently!

The FOAL Story

Founded in 2016, FOAL was a few years in the making. Hopefully you agree that it was worth the wait…


A light bulb moment in Glasgow through to our vision becoming a handsome product reality…


Our original flavour was inspired by the old bar favourite; fresh orange and lemonade. Not only is this flavour awesomely refreshing, but it also inspired our brand name! FOAL is an acronym for this flavour and allowed us to create the #darkhorse.


But we weren’t going to stop at that. One year after our awesome stockists confirmed FOAL original was gaining traction, we pushed ahead and launched another three refreshing tastes. Keep your eyes peeled for Glorious Ginger Beer & Lime, Sensational Strawberry & Lime, and Brilliant Blackcurrant Lemonade!


Try FOAL today!

Our Drinks

Who said low calorie means no taste? Certainly not us!

A range of refreshing Scottish craft sodas with low calories, reduced sugar and sweetened only from natural sources.

Fantastic Orange & Lemonade


With a light carbonation, fantastic orange and lemonade brings a refreshing and fruity taste that’s just 80 calories per bottle!  

Fantastic Orange and Lemonade

Glorious Ginger Beer & Lime



Ginger beer and lime has long been a staple of Scotland’s bars and restaurants. Our refreshing combo brings an awesome taste with a fiery kick to get you going!


Nowhere near as much sugar as many other ginger beers and only 53 calories per bottle!


Sensational Strawberry & Lime




While alcohol drinkers have enjoyed Strawberry and Lime flavours for years, the same can’t be said for those looking for a softie. Until now, with this tremendously tasty delight!

It may be sweet, but this one’s also only 53 calories per bottle!



Brilliant Blackcurrant Lemonade




Blackcurrant has been missing a partner in crime. It turns out that partner is lemonade. This FOAL brings sweetness and refreshment all at once while looking and tasting great!


Even with two tasty partners, this is our best yet at only 52 calories per bottle!


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Please let us know if you are interested in backing the #darkhorse and ordering some bottles of FOAL! Any feedback on our product, brand or website is also gratefully received.